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We are the only community of insurance professionals…

who collaborate online to create, contribute to and participate in live events that are professional, progressive and local.


What We Do

Crowdsource Live Events

We deliver the online collaboration necessary to create live events that actually move the industry forward. Our platform provides the technology professionals need to reach their target audiences.

How It Works

Submit Ideas. Curate. Attend.

Any member can submit an idea or topic for discussion. You can curate the event by selecting the facilitator or speakers and the invitees, or we’ll do it for you. Once the date, locale and time are set, invitations are extended based on the priority determined by the event curator. When minimum participation is reached, the event is confirmed and attendees’ credit cards are charged. Feedback is collected at the close of each event.

Why Engage

Control. Visibility. Quality


Members can create topics that matter and curate the audience for maximum engagement. The platform's crowdsourcing model decreases costs. Anyone can produce a professional event even with limited resources.

Everyone can be part of moving the conversation forward.


Ways to Engage



Membership is free and available to industry professionals. Members can become active in the community by attending events, curating events or becoming a Thought Leader


Community feedback mechanisms minimize conflicts of interest and allow the real thought leaders to emerge.


Companies are encouraged to become active in the community. Companies can buy a searchable directory listing on the site and sponsor events that push out promotional activities.



Influencers and thought leaders are identified using a data driven approach. Thought leadership designations are based upon a scoring algorithm that measures a member’s activity and event feedback.


In-session During RIMS

Join us during the annual RIMS conference in Boston 4/29/19 - 5/2/19 for targeted and progressive community and sponsored events .

Nurture or Curate

Create an idea and put it out to the community for someone else to curate or curate an event, conference or an unconference yourself .

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the Insurance Discourse Unconference in Fall 2019 . Member-directed and member-produced where ideas are more important than the swag!